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Like A Dream

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


As if in a dream, she appeared without announcement to him and started walking with

Him, he was not too sure of her disposition neither what would become of the intimacy

For many there were who have appeared in the same light, but who could not withstand

The tests when they were being tested for their thoughts, beliefs, yea the supposed love

In between them. Then he was of the mind that sooner than expected, the appearance would

Become disappearance, the dream would also fizzle off like a child seeing pool of water

Ahead of him on a sunny day in a desert land, and thinking that there is water ahead that

Would nourish his soul, only to get to the supposed place where he thought the pool of water

Has been but to discover that there is nothing like that there, it is a mirage and because he is

Yet young he thinks it is real. Nonetheless he continued with the dream for there is no

Crime dreaming, and except the dream has been cut short by something, a dreamer who has

Been in another world, in a posit of unconsciousness would continue with the dream until

Something intrudes into the brain circuits to alt what he is dreaming. In this dream

Sometimes he will wish that it is true, but something within him would say it cannot be true

Because of the past incidents. Then like others have been tested, tests were brought along her

Path too, on the person she has been intimate with. He has hoped she would also failed the

Test or not attempt the test at all, for some do not attempt the tests before they backed off, but

She attempted the test, and from a test to another, she continues to succeed, she continues to

Scale through the hurdles. When she passes the final test, it has become clear to all and

Sundry that this is getting beyond mere dream as they had been thinking. Then he was told

Of the need to pay close attention to this dream, for it shall become a reality, she will be the

LARA FABIAN - LOVE IS LIKE A DREAM (english, french, spanish, deutsch - SUBS).wmv

In thing. As he continues to pay attention to her, he knows she is beyond the ordinary, she

Must have been influenced by some gods whose spirits are not in the flesh. He notices her

Suigeneris nature, and what he has not been noticing nor paying attention to before in her

He starts to pay attention to. Now he discovers she is an angel, she is specially sent for a

Purpose, the purpose is to comfort him, to bring him joy that has eluded him for decades,

To make him feel love in the real sense, to make him know that love is love in all ages, love

Is love in all races, love is love in all generations. Love does not look at your color or

Tongue if it is real love, distance is not a barrier to genuine love, for though God lives

Billionth of miles off humans yet he loves us, expresses his love to us in all he does as he

He surrounds us with things that will make us know that he really loves us. Then as others

Have stated, he cannot agree less with them, that she is special, she is his’ and he will be

Hers’ forever. Time to break the barriers, time to make the dream real, time to work things

Out. And now that the dream has become fulfilled, no one is happier than the duo, for

What started as insignificant thing, has become significant, the ignition that people think

Would not become a big fire has become one. People now look forward to them, and wanting

To be like them. surely, it is good to dream, surely it is good to have purpose, surely it is

Good to know where you are headed for….


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