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When I am lost

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I failed the first time but my God is a God of second chances.


To the deepest part of me

that only I could see

that only I could feel

a thorn was slowly killing me.

I ain the pain

I bear the burden

but my road is getting steep

and there I could hear the bleep.

I can't contain it

on my knees I yelp for help

without the assurance of being heard

yet someone did.

He tapped my shoulder

He held me closer

He hugged me gently

Taking away all my agony.

I could feel His comfort

I could feel His peace

that thorn inside of me

turned into hope, into love.

I asked, who is He?

"I am who I am", He answered me

I cried because of great joy

My heart dances upon hearing His voice.

He searched for me when I am lost

He cares for me for I am His child

He loves me unconditionally

because He is our Father Almighty.