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Light and Beauty: A Tapestry of Colours 4. Thursdays's Homily for the Devout 12, to the Beautiful Soul, Peggy Woods

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

"Beauty is my body's purity. Beauty is my vital's humility. Beauty is my mind's serenity. Beauty is my heart's magnanimity. Beauty is my life's sincerity..." -Sri Chinmoy

"...Not this; not the ignorance which we now claim as our very own and which claims us as its very own, but light, the light that claims us as its very own and the light that we are going to claim as our very own..." - Sri Chinmoy

If I Could Play With The Alchemy of Time

If I could play with the Alchemy of time,

I would shine like the stars in the gravity of

Darkness, to light up Your sky.

If I could have a beautiful Heart like Yours,

I would treasure its glow, more than

The quintessence of a thousand smiles.

If I could taste the lustre of Your beauty,

I would say, my Beloved, not even the effulgent

Moon, would be a comparable compromise.

If I was a bird in flight, I would seek Your glory,

Like a moth heading into the flame, only

To blend with the resplendent Bliss of Emptiness.

If I could turn my tears into stars,

I would pay homage to Your beauty,

With the incomparable bliss of Heaven.

If I could spit bars of eloquence, I would hope they transform

Into music, beating a thousand cadences to Your allure.

_ Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 22nd January, 2020

Truth, Light ... Beauty

Beauty is Truth and Truth beauty. They are quintessentially a projection of the Absolute in all its myriad splendour. Light is Love and vice versa, which is again another name for the Absolute Supreme.

Nature manifests this wonder, in a diversity of ways and if we look with the eye of vision, then it is all sacred … an all-enduring Love.

What’s springing up in poetry these days, is the taking of an aspect of nature or the intellect, one of its varied expressions, and just highlighting its importance and significance.

I have chosen Light and beauty. Some choose the alphabet, others choose punctuations, while a third may choose flowers and so on. Hope you enjoy this poem. Let us give thanks and praise.


Wisdom from the Master

"...When we sincerely say, "Let Thy Will be done," at that time the supreme Beauty reveals itself in and through us. And when we say, "I and my Father are one," at that time the supreme Beauty finds its complete manifestation on earth here and now..." - Sri Chinmoy


Light and Beauty: A Tapestry of Colours 4

Rainbows shine on the horizon, luminous lights

Shimmering on moonlit waves, dancing with stars;

Gleaming on twilight beginnings. Sunset glistens above

Tulips in my garden of flowers – a candela of lustred

Magic, spinning like a carousel of Chinese lanterns.

My dog wags its tail, waltzing around bluebells and birds.

My Heart radiates to the magical flare of meteors,

The Andromeda Galaxy resplendent in grandeur,

Kissing my cheeks with their indigo rays. An

Effulgent luminary sparkles on the dawn of sunrise,

Her radiant beams, a thousand times more translucent,

Than the candescent moon.

A quintessence of clustering fragrances, emanate

From jasmines and lavenders, the shafts of heaven painting

Daffodils, while petunias glow and light up my soul.

I am enamoured … struck with wonder by the majesty of the

Sun, Basho’s illumined mind – a flame of Haiku in my core like

Pink roses, with intricate fragrances seeping through my breath.

Butterflies dance on cheery blossoms, above a lustrous

Pond and floral splendour. A kaleidoscope of lanterns hangs,

Beneath an opalescent heaven, filled with a pageantry of shades.

The perennials kiss my gleaming cheeks, tugging at the glow

Within a diamond Heart, shining with the opulence of splendour,

A sacred smile alight, within the stillness of my Spirit.

My soul sings like a redbreast, imparting lyrics to my core,

Pouring the beauty of a thousand fireflies, into the lapis lazuli of my soul.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 23rd January, 2020

Light, music ... beauty

© 2020 manatita44

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