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Light Eyes


As I sit on the grassy hill and feel the soft breeze from the wind,

I come to an agreement with the sky, at this moment, it could not contend with the light of your eyes,

The wise would not know how your eyes became more beautiful than the sky,

How your eyes could light up the night, more bright than the moonlight,

No beam could form such perfect light, the world would have to be made twice to match the sight of your eyes gleam,

Your eyes would ease me into a beautiful dream, and in the morning make the birds sing,

Oh how your eyes speak to my heart, it lights up the dark around me,

I see the world more bright than ever because your eyes are a sight of pleasure,

All I need are those warm eyes to stay set on me, to be as comforting as a hug would be.

To be the only light I need, to see how beauty is supposed to be.


© 2018 Along with the wind

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