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Lift Those Heavy Eye Lids Up For Me?

Don't Worry, It Didn"t Work That Long For Me Either.

One of my favorites

I wish we could all see progress as it happens

If we get sidetracked

We can see where we went wrong

Now we can make any changes

Then go back in the right direction

With a little help from our friends

Nothing much to report here

My wife says next time I am coming back as a cat

It would be so much fun sleeping all-day

Moving from one nap place to another

Eating and drinking all day long

The big issue is where to lay in the sun

To get a lovely tan

Plenty of practice to get it right

I just pulled at an eyelid that seemed to be really annoying

Now I did the opposite

Instead of making it better

I made it worse

I found a way to push the loose eyelid somewhere in my eye

My body gave me every sign like a catcher does to a pitcher

I should have listened to some of them

If not all of them

When my way not only slowed things down and made me drag my feet

Live and learn

I might have to borrow some years from my cat

I don't think my cat will mind

Remember they get nine lives

There is so much I want to do

I love a cool breeze

Yesterday I had to work

I still got to enjoy a few hours of great pleasure

My wife too

We take all the good times and try to steamroll them together

Nobody's perfect

But we can all sure try