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Lifetime Track Record Stuck on Repeat

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Another year ended, another chapter closed, and another one opened

Believed that a new year led to newer and stronger opportunities

Difficult to find those undiscovered avenues with current events

State of health and the integrity of power players in question

Made it very hard to trust the word of pretty much anybody

Room for liars to be discovered was vastly greater than once thought

Under the false impression of being on a fast track to nowhere

Destination a greater mystery when GPS stopped working

Something that not even Sherlock Holmes' intellect could solve

Seemed to be locked in an endless holding pattern

Unable to move either forward or backward

Despite endless hours in the gym to improve strength

Cannot seem to manage to escape this quicksand

Sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of imaginary unknown

Made the false assumption to have evolved past cynical leanings

Realized that it wasn't the case in the slightest

Skepticism hidden underneath layers of make-up and pretense

Inched closer to the private windmill with a solitary record player

Needle in traction as the music couldn't play properly

Frustrated beyond belief based on the content of thoughts

Fantasized about adventures never had and lives never lived

Knew fully well that these dreams were just that

Able to separate nighttime fantasies from daily realities

Made the concession that the fiction seemed more appealing

To the mundane routines of a responsible singleton

Wished to break free from the structural engineering inside

Felt safe under lock and key, although isolated from the outside

Disconnected from others that didn't share DNA or a last name

Looking to connect, just afraid with present day affairs happening

Not certain if it would be possible with working from home still happening

Trepidations aplenty about doing any socializing online

Difficult to determine fact from fiction on the internet

Online dating resembled more like a cattle call or a job interview

Everyone tried to represent themselves in best possible light

Resumes padded with small accomplishments made grander

Facts whitewashed away with some half truths

Social scene awkward when everyone literally had a mask on

Wondered when some form of comfort could return

Without worrying about sacrificing safety in any way

Simply taking one miniscule step at a time

Figured it was better to live responsibly than recklessly for time being

Eventually, will be able to run free in the wide-open spaces again

No idea when that will occur, liking the idea of it though.

A mystery that not even he could solve.

A mystery that not even he could solve.

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