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I look up to you

An engineer-to-be trying to find solace and solitude in writing.


The gift of life is mystical
And your mere presence in it,
Makes it worth living.
Words cease to convey what I intend to,
Yet here I go, in a desperate attempt.

With your smile, does the sun rise,
And down he goes, with your droopy eyes.
How oft do I get swayed away,
By your unmatched allure,
Your brilliant mind, and your charming ways.
To be like you, to live like you,
To love life, the way you do,
It's surreal, but true.

Your soft giggles, and antics,
Can turn any frown upside down.
The world, otherwise dreary,
Is instantly lit up by your existence.
The endless talks, petty squabbles,
The warm pats, and love for cats,
Time halts, and how!

You make my day, life, and beyond.
To please you, I'd go an extra mile.
No adversity seems hard, with you around.
Life is gaiety, you make it so.
And I simply adore you, you know it so.
For as long as there are moonlit nights,
In shining armour, you will be my knight.

© 2020 Priya Dinesh

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