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Life's Structurally Sound Scenario: Planning for Best and Worst Cases

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Started the morning in total literal darkness

Forced to open blinds to let the tiny bit of light in

Dreaded beginning the day in such gloom and doom

Think it was coming from the start of a new month

With winter approaching and all that stuff

Unable to come to terms with approaching holidays

Feeling like they're just another day and nothing else

Youthful specialty about them came and went years ago

Thrill left as soon as I turned 30 years old and never returned

Made a few unsuccessful attempts to get what was lost back

Gave up trying after a while and learned to accept cynicism

Focused instead on those days of spending time with family

Enjoying their company and not looking at what gifts received

Realized that any gift was enough; not a kid anymore

Don't need toys and all the shiny things that came with youth

If shiny was the ticket, get into a new relationship for sparkle

Not in that mindset just yet; washing off the stench of last one

Using a Brillo Pad and some industrial strength soap to do it

A few more scrubbings should do it for good

Then hanging myself out to dry will help as well

Trying to keep a positive outlook on world

Harder than it may seem to be with nightly news

Government acting like petulant children

Crime always popping up at random moments

Leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth so to speak

Preparing for the best and worst elements

In case a storm hits the beach so to speak

Or Prince Charming knocks on the door for a visit

How about Mr. Warbucks comes by with a big check

That you were owed and was fixing that dubious mistake

Realistically, it would only be the delivery person

Dropping off latest package from an online purchase

All that preparation ended up being for naught

Sad to say that it was better to be prepared

Rather than getting hit with some brutal nightmare

Still disappointed all the same

Wondered what the new year would be like

What would it bring; would it be better than this year

Let's hope so, need something to look forward to

After the mess of what was 2019.

Preparing for whatever comes to your door, harder than many would think.

Preparing for whatever comes to your door, harder than many would think.

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