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Life's Like a Box of Chocolates - Oh, By the Way - It's Not!

John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.

Life's Like a Box of Chocolates - Oh, By the Way - It's Not!

We strive in life to do our best,
Use the lessons we’ve been taught
To hopefully tell right from wrong
And process complex thought.

Our parents set the basis
For their daughters and their sons.
They shape how we will view the world,
And the people we’ll become.

We are information sponges
Absorbing all we see and hear
From our teachers, Internet, TV,
But most of all, our peers.

This information overload
Soon causes us to question
Everything we learn before,
And changes our perception.

The things our parents held so dear
And fed to us as fact
We may begin to see as flawed,
And the objectivity they lacked.

As teens we are invincible
And rebel against the norm.
We create our own identity.
We are the perfect storm.

The older generations
Are living in the past,
Their opinions are not relevant,
So all advice aside we cast.

Mom and dad don’t pay our bills
And keep the housework done.
How we miss those home-cooked meals
And times of family fun.

Now we’re independent
And in charge of our own life,
At least until we marry
And become a man and wife.

Each decision that we make
Has importance none the less.
There are two likely outcomes,
Called “failure” or “success.”

When we finish school and college
And must face the world alone,
Reality comes crashing down.
It was easier at home!

So, swallow all your humble pie,
Get that ego back in check.
Ask your parents for advice,
They’ve been there “what the heck!”

Process all you learned at school,
Then add a pinch of salt.
Life’s like a box of chocolates -
Oh, by the way - it’s not!

© 2019 John Hansen