Life's Infinite Possibilities in the Form of a Gift

Updated on December 25, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Always loved the idea of a double infinity symbol

Made it appear that anything was possible to achieve

As long as you believed in the idea of doing so in first place

Life was full of limitless options as long as you were willing

Realized that through this image that I was capable of anything

Just had to open the door to my imagination and push on through

Easier said than done after a few recent dust-ups made it hard

To take any chances after getting burned beyond recognition

Scars starting to slowly heal with some extra love and care

A lot of chocolate and internet videos for laughs

Came to the strong conclusion that the infinity image

Didn't necessarily have to be partnered with someone else's love

Could be just the idea of solo survival of a job well done

Able to pick up and dust themselves off no matter what

No reason to let someone else defeat you when so much left

Haven't been able to travel the world and fight enough battles

Turned that symbol into a form of empowerment to push on

Not going to let another's disrespect to define them

Moving onto bigger and better things at some point in time

Enjoying the company of friends and family to get through for now

Received a Christmas gift that I wanted for months

Nice to look at it in my hands with a smile on my face

Something that felt like an optical illusion two plus months ago

Decided to get this in necklace form because a tattoo wasn't best

Seemed too permanent of a symbol that might not be liked at one point

Relieved that my hesitance to get the tattoo paid off in the end

Would have been lousy to have a permanent reminder

Of the man who broke my heart on my wrist for all eternity

Thankfully, my instincts worked to my advantage this time

Looked at the inscription on the package and understood it

For a brief moment everything made sense in crystal clear high definition

I'm a survivor who can get through just about anything life throws at me

Need strong determination and grit to pick myself up

Other the love of family to support me through some harsh times

Circumstances that many people go through at any given point

Not uncommon to get hearts broken and glued back together

Won't be the first or the last time something like that happened

Done with feeling anything for a past getting more and more distant

Time to move on, but unsure of how long this resolve will hold

Fingers crossed that it will stick this time.

I'm not going anywhere.

A gift that symbolized a new kind of rebirth.
A gift that symbolized a new kind of rebirth.


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