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Life's Double Sided Coin Weapon

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Duality of the game of life; two sides to every coined story

Unable to discern which version helps or hurts me most

Obvious to tell which one inflicts the most damage

The overactive side that pulls out a Butcher knife

When no one is looking for the shiny object

Sounds like a plot in a crime thriller or a soap opera

It could be and likely is because the narrative watches both

Take Hollywood out of the mix and picture what comes next

The aftermath of the real, or imagined, carnage

Where the wound can't be cauterized so easily

Blood spilling endlessly onto the newly cleaned floor

Where the routine Stepford Wife spent hours cleaning

One her hands and knees making sure her face shined in it

First cut always the most fatal for everyone involved

No one expects it to happen, but it does

A moment of sudden, impulsive anger

Transforms into a reckless mistake that can't be bleached away

Betrayal stings; especially it comes from the least likely

In the guise of a friendly face that made an eight hour day fly by

True colors exposed in the form of strong black and white evidence

No longer doubtful speculation when hard copy is in hand

Unable to develop a backbone for fear of a nasty confrontation

Not looking to fuel any water cooler gossip flames

Avoiding the desire to be a story on Springer or Dateline

Just want to get through the day without any fanfare or drama

Maybe, a little ticker tape parade would be nice

Won't push my luck though

Fingers crossed that one or both personal mission gets accomplished

If not, there's always tomorrow.

And remember to duck when metaphorically blades whiz by you

Doesn't make sense until the moment it happens.

A mess that every domestic goddess dreads.

A mess that every domestic goddess dreads.

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