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Life's Basic Cable Broadcasting System

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Decided to create the perfect program

For the television viewing public

Ones who love drama, stunning visuals and feats of daring

A tall order as it turned out to be in doing so

Forced to step into a character unlike the real leading lady

Someone who was a cross between Indiana Jones

And a distant cousin to Cinderella

Sacrificing one's ideal onto the altar of established success

A formation that many reality show stars loved to do

Without any type of hesitation; especially when the money came in

Large paychecks and developing successful side careers

Leading to new pathways into enduring fame

Seemed to be a fair trade off in leaving morality behind

Sleeping it off as the guilt set in about kicking loved ones

To the universal curb as you stepped over them to get to the top

Wondered what it was all for when everything you do

Was no longer in the privacy of your own home

Every action and every word left open to interpretation

By the world and through social media to dissect

Asked by network executives to up the ante

Due to flagging viewership after the premiere episode

Recommended to create more unnecessary drama

Added to a cast of already reckless characters

Secretly regretting the decision to go this route

Recruited an editor to help better package the show

Viewers started pouring in at the arrival of a wild card

Expectations piling up higher and higher on the proverbial mountain

Pressure mounting with each week's program format

Making it harder and harder for the climber

To find solid footing on the ascent and the descent

Required to always check off Columns A through C

Before starting off on any particular journey

A conflict between responsible and compulsive

Developed a small pep in each step during the process

Tempted to rip up Mother Nature's rule book

Start off anew and dance the Jitterbug

Into a newly minted program of fun and adventure

Just have to find the right cable provider

And sponsors to pay for all those lousy commercials

As well as getting a decent amount of airtime

Should be easy enough to do so

As if selling your soul to the right corporate suit

Was the way to go without realizing the reality

When it was time to collect their pound of flesh

Debated which area to take it from

Ordered by network to have a makeover anyways

Made sense to lose it from somewhere

Will it be ideal or another thing to add to the list

Of piling regrets; hard to say at the moment

Just trying to enjoy remaining minutes on fame's stopwatch

Before time runs out which isn't long in my estimation

Time to make another season to capitalize on it.

Is it worth the sacrifice to see your image come through one of these?

Is it worth the sacrifice to see your image come through one of these?