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Life of a Butterfly


The sky and the stars
At times I look at them and wonder
Can I come closer
Will I make it the most of everything I imagine
There’s a minute when you doubt yourself
Believe me, you have the right to do that
Because the version you need is the version you haven’t even met
Anything you want, you can get but don’t you ever forget
You may lose if you bet
What a person does should never regret


Even when I’m alone
I look at the memories I own
Everything that I’ve ever known
This life is worth living on our own
Even though I struggle to understand right now
I know I took a vow
All I need is strength and mouth
I have to speak up anyhow
Up in the clouds
Or either down on the ground
We all know
Our path is hard
And every new day is an award
Everything has its own reason
Keep the balance
Through every season

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