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Life's a Drama

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Life's a drama


What is life all about...

Well its compared to a drama on a stage..

Life is a drama where everyone who is welcomed in this world has a role to play.

Sometimes it's the tradition, culture, profession, or lifestyle that determines on which platform we stand.

No one in this world is bad at acting.

we are all part of this world to act out our best in our shows.

We train ourselves from the very first stage where we learn to talk, walk and run.

While we talk we stammer, while we walk we stumble, and while we run we fall.

But that doesn't stop us from talking, walking, or running.

Some are so confident in themselves they know how to carry themselves.

Yet some need a push, some need a coach or a trainee, and some don't even get the chance.

Every performer has his/her audience on whatever stage they perform.

Before each performance, they have loads of practice, and they have rehearsals

And they'll practice so hard that they don't want to fail in their final performance.

Behind the curtains, there were happy times and sad times, there was anger, jealousy, pride, ego, stubbornness

But as they practiced every day and when they found out that each of their performance they acted wasn't good enough, they changed their practice to become humble, joyful, thankful.

They learned to prioritize themselves to whom to give importance, trust and love.

Their final performance is under the ground from dust to dust and ashes to ashes that's where the tears of joy and sadness are shared.

We miss our beloved actors and actresses we call them our heroes,

we call them our biggest fans, we call them the best comedian.

In tribute, the audience speaks great things about those good old days that they spent with the performer.

Each performer is an actor and they all become legends only after their death and then their legacy is passes on.

Soon their pictures will be posted on the walls, posters, and newspapers.

The dead are gone whose been actors or performer whom the world knew not, suddenly they become famous overnight.

Not every performer has acted so well and not every performer has signed the autograph or written a biography of themselves,

Yet behind the curtain they were bruised, weak, failed, torn, beaten, and humiliated.

They were fearful and lonely their audience didn't care to support them, but each time as they performed before the audience they enjoyed every act of theirs, they say each drama was an adventure.

And finally when the performer is tired and rests forever, then the audience rise from seats gives them a big round of applause.

And say the drama was so fantastic it could have prolonged a little longer to have a better ending

But never will the audience know what has happened behind the curtain!!!

© 2021 Daniel R

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