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Life is Just too Short

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We live everyday doing our routines.

Going through our to do list knowing where we need to be in the next hour.

We do not stop to think this walk to the store could be our last.

We live numb to the idea we are mortal.

And then out of the blue for unlucky few,

The world goes dark for them and their loved ones.

It's through unlucky few that hurt the most.

Losing our loved ones will always hurt.

But, losing a loved one who was healthy and going through their schedule,

Gives a different type of shock and pain.

Blindsided by the pain of loss, with no preparation to brace for the news.

We begin to remember our mortality.

We remember how short life truly can be.

Hold your love ones close and let them know you are there.

Continue to be there for those you love while they are still around to be there for you.


© 2020 Ashley

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