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Life is Full of Contradictions

Joyette Fabien wrote poetry in her youth. Not much of a talker, poetry became her primary response to life's ups and downs.

Youth and Elder - Advice Taker and Advice Giver


Look Before You Leap /Make Hay While the Sun Shines/Opportunities Lost Cannot be Regained

There is no formula for a perfect life

When all life is a contradiction

“Look Before You Leap!”

My grandmother always cautioned

For the young, have the tendency

To rush into new fields, new realms

New enterprises, to grab their share

Of life's treasures. And since youth

Is the time for adventure, for daring

And risk-taking, we often believe

That we have to make our move

When the opportunity seems ripe

Lest in later years we look back

In regret; realizing it's too late

That the sun has gone down

We should have made hay

While the sun was shining

For opportunities lost

Cannot be regained

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait/ God Helps Those Who Help Themselves/The Early Bird Catches the Worm

“Good things come to those who wait”

The old folks, in their wisdom, said

But waiting, when we are young

Is wasting time that could bear fruit

And we need to see those fruits

While we are young as they are

The realization of our dreams

The attainment of our goals

The result of all our efforts,

Whose gains might be lost

While we stand waiting

For God helps those

Who help themselves

And the early bird

Catches the worm

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder/Out of Sight is Out of Mind/A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"

Is a saying known to all. How true it is

When absence brings love and caring

Across the miles. Yet how easy it is

To put aside a card, a note, a letter

To a tomorrow that never comes

And as friends grow out of touch

How easy it is to forget old bonds

To make new links, new friends

To shape new lives that hold

No ties with their yesterdays

And to, quite unintentionally

Prove the saying true that

Out of sight Is out of mind

And a bird In the hand

Is worth two In the bush


Reflective Poems

© 2022 Joyette Helen Fabien

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