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Life Is but a Looking Glass

Sudha madhuri dash is a published author of many novels. Along with photography she loves horse riding and practices odissi dance.


Life is But A Looking glass

Life is but a looking glass

At the begining-it is just blurr

Few images rushing past

We are still wondering about it all

When with time we learn more

The looking glass tells us more

Still sometimes blurring a few images that we understand not

Some more times passes

Growing years when our senses are sharper but still sharpening

The looking glass now plays important roles

Preening and dressing us in moments that we shall treasure

We travel through the panes..

A few more years added on

We now in our prime

The looking glass admires and loves our image

She embraces us and wants to do more

She tells us you are beautiful

But then years pass on

The looking glass has faded edges

Her shine is dimming

She still tries to catch a glimpse of our fading years

Our Grey's and whites matches her faded rusted frame

The lines and fading strength of our eyes matches steps now

We can hardly decipher ourselves

The looking glass too has dimmed

But what remains in her is how well we looked

How well we understood

How well we thought and behaved


Life is But A Looking Glass, each one of us is born with her own.

© 2022 sudha madhuri dash

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