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Life in the Province

Lucille Jeans has always been a lover of nature and a fan of adventure. She loves you write poems and never gets tired of it.


Life in the Province

Have you ever been in the Province?
A haven for simple people ever since.
Fresh air, cool breeze, warm people;
Sunkissed playing near the waterfall.

Hear the sweet sound of birds chirping.
At noontime, among bamboos' crickets resounding.
See the vivid picture of lofty mountains;
On its feet springs forth fiery fountains.

When you go hiking up a hill;
You'll pant and sweat but stay still.
At the peak, there's a beautiful scenery.
The full view of the place you'll see.

Roosters croak when dawn is breaking.
Then you'll know that folks are waking.
Mothers do laundry in rocky rivers;
Fathers go to wells to pitch water.

Children having fun playing hide n' seek.
With muddy clothes, some waded in the creek.
Dirty hands snapped with rock-scissor-paper.
Running mirthfully without even a pair of slippers.

The sun gives the lake a shimmering glow.
Tiny ripples on to different directions they go.
Fishermen now get ready for fishing.
Plunging their bait while other's swimming.

At boodle fights they eat tasty smoked fishes.
Gratifying spices sprinkled among various dishes.
In a huge banana leaf, it tastes so good.
Family and friends enjoy delicious food.

They always say it's more fun in the Philippines.
I could say it's much funnier when you're in the Province.
A place full of simple yet great memories.
Therein each day is worth to reminisce.

© 2018 Lucille Jeans

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