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Life in a variety of forms

Life in a variety of forms

A variety of colorful human life is desirable

Although not desirable, diversity is the eternal form of life

The twinkling smile is as true as the bright sun

The black-faced clouds are just as eternal

Life is spinning-

Its day-to-day wandering in its orbit

He also has to orbit the sun year-round

The sun, the rain, the smiles, the tears, the smooth inaccessibility

Life is about accepting or adapting to everything

No one stops - no one stops

Not life in stagnation - life in motion

He is running with speed - his life is like that

Humorous laughter as well as a wonderful life

Depression consumes true life

I don't think death will stop everything - it will bring lasting peace

Death is the truth - yet not the ultimate truth; Rather start-

The beginning of a new endless life

Nothing will stop - nothing will end

Nothing will end - it will change

Appearance will change color - speed time

We have to be ready

Must be ready -

Always ...

© 2020 Masum Badal

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