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Life in Four Seasons

Author loves travel, books, music, photography, poetry, all of which are the inspiration for her compositions.


Life in Four Seasons

Life is…picturesque as an autumn scene

Dreamy and magical like winter

Cool and refreshing as spring

Warm and vibrant like summer


Autumn leaves fall leaving trees barren

Winter days are dark, nights get longer

Spring showers can become too overwhelming

Summer can get too warm for comfort, causing inconvenience

Some people tend to get to experience all four seasons

Some don’t have the luck

At some point in time others may get stuck

But just like half of the world where everyone’s asleep

It is for certain that the other half’s wide awake

What all this means is that we each have our turn

Of days in the sun, or for our candles to burn

The season you’re in may not be the same as mine

But we surely each have our own time to shine

So don’t compare your sun to somebody else’s moon

Remember that your light may someday be outshone

Just as the moon eclipses the sun

You might have to give way for others to get their share of fun


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