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Nature Reflects Blue

Susan lives and breathes Nature, in her writing, and her art. Her sanctuary is the outside world.

Swans on River

Swans on Avon River Stratford On

Swans on Avon River Stratford On

Nature Reflects Blue

I rest on a blue chair.

Peeling paint reveals, multicolored layers of past owners.

I am blue, color of happiness.

Surrounded with blue table, blue drink, and blue sky.

Engulfed in blue carpets ,wrap up my world.

I am blue, sad and happy.

Blue flowers, blue pools of water, turning gray.

What is gray, white mixed with black?

Blue River stretching over the horizon.

Blue eyes see, polished toes of blue.

Blue streaks of hair flutter across my cheeks.

Blue Pt. Cruiser ,slices the wind on the gray.

Prickly beauties of colors of the rainbow fan the air.

Fermenting the air with tiny breaths of tormenting memories,

Those discarded bouquets from distant lovers.

White fluffy clouds cluttering up the sky.

Colored canoes, slice the rivers face.

Small waves carrying ducks, coasting on their edge.

White female swan is full of grace.

Is center stage, honking to her critics.

She bites a curious Mallard Duck-full of blue and green.

Behind them are rows of huge human creations of colored concrete.

They block out the view. Are these colors happy?

They are gray and black with colors of graffiti.

They house Swan killers and swan egg crushers.

Their constant trespassing becomes green grass murderers.

Knives reflect the afternoon sun, digging their tattoos on the flesh of living trees.

Forgotten trash of many colors, in the water with grass waving in the wind.

I need blue, to harbor you.

Blue is peace.