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Life cannot be defined in one thing

Rina a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English graduate, and currently studying Master of Arts in guidance and Counseling.





By: Rina Jaesa Mae B. Salvaña


It is stream that flows smoothly,

but ignores every possibility.

A wave that stumble someone’s heart,

But challenges a weakly mind.

It is a road that directly leads you to your path,

But stops you with lies but an easy catch.

A bridge that connects you to what you are meant to be,

but doesn’t know how strong the foundation would be.

It may be a wood that gives you shelter,

but blocks you to become better.

A cloth that feels you the comfort,

But hides who you truly are.

This life cannot be defined as one thing,

It is many things.

There are ups and downs,

Sweetness, bitterness and bland.

Thus, life gives us chances, freedom, and a special gift.

Chances to correct wrongs,

Freedom to express ourselves,

And a special gift which is life itself.

Life isn’t that hard,

It is us who makes life difficult,

Be brave and be strong.

As long as life is present,

God will never be absent.

© 2020 RinaJaesaMae


gyanendra mocktan from Kathmandu,Nepal on December 03, 2020:

Hope to read more of your work. Cheers!

RinaJaesaMae (author) on December 03, 2020:

thank you Sir Gyanendra.

gyanendra mocktan from Kathmandu,Nepal on December 03, 2020:

Life's isn't that hard. The way we think is life. Thank you for your inpiring poem Rina JaesaMae.

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