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Life as a Woman

I am pretty satisfied with what I have achieved in my life

But a part of me is still unsatisfied

Lurking around are the hungry dogs

That want my respect to satisfy their hunger

He was a boy

Was is all worth it?

She thinks while looking back at her past

Always felt alienated by the society for his different wants and thought

Could something have changed the way society looked at him

Realisation was as satisfying as the acceptance from his family

He is a unique human with unique skills and unique purposes

As a toddler he wondered why he was not allowed to play with other kids

what difference would it make if transgenders were treated just a the straight men and women

All against him but his family by his side

A great decision took him a new way of life

That could give him the identity he always wanted

Was it a good choice?

Did that make any difference

Some left him after her transformation

Some still loved and stayed by her side

Constantly reminding her that she did the right thing.

That is what matters

He was all set to live his life as a woman

Cracked doors broken windows is what he had to face

The rage of the antis made her weep

But with ever tear she could feel more strengthened

She thinks if she could or could not have not survived the hate

But here she is a 55 year old trans woman

Fighting for LGBTQ+ rights

And helping others like her to accept themselves

And screaming at the ruthless society that denies them the respect they

Very much deserve.

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