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Life— a Beautiful Mosaic Work of Art

Misbah enjoys writing poetry and loves to convey the messages of Love through her poems.

Image via Pinterest images

Image via Pinterest images

I published my last article on HubPages about two weeks ago. It's the longest break from writing I've ever taken in the last 17 months. Nothing was inspiring me. It was as if the inspiration had disappeared. I tried to scribble a few lines, but they were unimpressive. I tried to distract myself by going out into nature and watching Netflix and YouTube, but all of my efforts were unsuccessful. Though I did post one or two articles on Medium last week, they were old pieces that I first published on HubPages but later removed due to low traffic.

So What Inspired Me To Write Again

The need to write something beautiful was becoming stronger, and I didn't want to lose my creative energy at any cost.

Do you know what is interesting? Sometimes small things can inspire us to write something creative. In my case, reading my daily horoscope inspired me to write this poem.

I usually enjoy reading my horoscope and have a few horoscope apps on my phone that I use to see now and then. I read it to find out how the day will go. Sometimes I also like to check what they said about my horoscope the day or week before. Simply to see how accurate horoscopes are and whether I should believe them. As strange as it may sound, it is who I am, and I am not embarrassed about that. Wink!

My horoscope for Monday, June 27th reads as follows:

"Are you visionary enough to see that a bunch of broken pieces can be turned into a beautiful mosaic work of art? Yes, Pisces, you are. You can figure things out that others would never try, and sometimes that's why they see you as a visionary. But that comes with a huge burden, too. Sometimes you can visualize what you want and not know how to proceed. That's just fine. You can consider those times to be like practice ranges, even though you are very experienced. Sometimes the secret is in the doing, not just in the temporary." — Daily Horoscope.

The phrase 'beautiful mosaic work of art' in the horoscope text inspired me to write this poem. Isn't it exciting?

Pisces horoscope for Monday, Jun 27— Daily Horoscope

Pisces horoscope for Monday, Jun 27— Daily Horoscope

I am a Piscean, and creativity flows in my blood!

— Misbah Sheikh's Random Thoughts

A Magnificent Mosaic Piece of Art

These shattered pieces of my heart
These shards of the hourglass, and
The sand particles that burst out from it

The broken waves of the sea, and some seashells
Some hot sun color strokes, and
Some rusty color of dry autumn leaves.

A light blue hue, and the white from twinkling stars at night
That appears to be quite far — some to the left, and
Others to the right. The moonlight reflected in the water.

Butterflies and rose petals
The colors of roses: white, red, yellow, and pink.
Put it all in a beautiful broken vase.

The forest's green and the wood's brown
Yellow from the honey and murky from the soil.

Let us put this all together, and create a lovely mosaic
Half-broken things, whether lifeless or lively, have a certain charm.

The philosophy here I present: We're all broken, but if we unite,
We make a magnificent mosaic piece of art.

Mosaic work of art

Mosaic work of art

A mosaic is made up of broken pieces. Still, it looks to be so brilliantly crafted that when the pieces are connected, it takes on a new shape and color, and, most importantly, it appears to be united.

— Misbah Sheikh

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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