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Life Without Mom

A sad, lonely and broken daughter finding it hard losing a mother who had been my source of strength, guide and light.

I love my mother's smiles...

I love my mother's smiles...

Sad Sixty days and still missing you...

Life was once simple and happy
Days and nights shared with you and me.
Joys and struggles together
Surpassed by faith through the years.

But...mornings are different now.
No cuppa' coffee and breakfast together
While we breath and say thanks
To another beautiful day.

Fate changed and went so fast.
You struggled in pain and tears...
Held on to faith and made a good fight.
Gone just the same and never to be back.

Brave as i was but not until you were gone.
I cry day and night with so much sadness and tears.
Never had i imagine a life like this so broken.
Pain of missing you lingers like forever.

Sleep well in heaven dear Mom.

Realization ...

I thought i was strong enough, lived a life independently since my parents broke off when i was very young at 11. At those time when broken families are not too many, i was sure it wouldn't be easy living a life without a mother to take care of me and my younger brother. We grew up with Dad, while mom had to leave and mend her broken self, for personal reasons Dad and his folks have caused, us children have to endure.

Still thankful tho'.

After so many years i have lived and struggled, got married and had kids of my own, tho' unfortunately ended with the same old sad story. History seems to like repeating itself, and yes, it hit me too. But life again and again has its own course. Mom returned at a time i needed her most. Through those years, mom had been my girls guide and light. A single parent that i was and had to be far and away doing the best as a mother should to support her children and mother as well. There were bad days and good days; I rise and fall as always.

Thank God since i was a child, Mom taught me the importance of prayer, values of patience, kindness and hard work. Life is good but not always that easy. We need to be brave and strong to weather any storm.

Remember, sun shines out after the darkness and rain. Faith brings hope and light us the way. Ms. Philippines,now Ms. Universe 2019 - Catriona Gray once shared this inspirational saying, " the end of every dark clouds, there is always a silver lining." Mom and I believed in that too.

I just wish it would be soon, so i won't have to miss her everyday.

Rest in peace my dearest Mom.


© 2019 Angela Martinez

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