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Life Update: Living with MS and Two Months After Covid 19

Written by: Gianella Labrador

Written: March 12, 2022 3pm

Edited: March 14,2022 12am

Life's been hard.
Acquiring Covid 19,
Totally game changer.
Two Months Ago,
Omicron got wild.
Everyone got infected.
Surprisingly, me included.
Just one morning.
I was chilling.
Next thing happens,
I was coughing.
So much, so hard.
Fever got me.

Prior Covid Symptoms,
There goes headaches.
Extreme ones.
My arms and knees,
Have gotten weak.
Pre existing symptoms
of Multiple Sclerosis.
Let's not forget,
Extreme backaches too.
My body felt
so heavy to move.

Two Months later,
Fortunately, wasn't coughing
Steroids did it's job.
Though, I didn't know
What steroids are for.
Just, I know.
I felt a little better.
My bladder is controllable now.
Excreting waste daily.
Feels good.
My mood,
Well it still fluctuates.
Time to time.
But still good.

Improvement and Progress.
Can be seen greatly.
Better than I was,
Three -Four months ago.

Being exposed to heat.
Especially, it's summer
Has become a problem.
Study says, heat can trigger
Making MS symptoms,
a little bit worse.
Flare ups, vision problems,
Mood swings, etc.
A phenomenon,
Why someone couldn't-
think straight.

I have learned,
Too much sugar,
Can be exhausting.
Makes the body,
Feels tired,
Than usual.
So have to limit that.
But, it's difficult.
I crave for it,
I live for it each day.
Sorry self.
Will try to be better,
Next time.
Just hope,
There's still next time.
For me, for you.
For everyone.

I still can't explain,
What MS is.
But I'm slowly learning.
Just remember,
MS stands for,
Myelin Sheath.
MS stands for,
Multiple Shit going on.
In your body.
It ranges from,
Mild to Severe.
CNS comprises a lot.
If myelin sheath is affected,
The function of CNS gets distorted.
CNS comprises the spine and brain.
The myelin sheath,
Is a nerve that send electric signals,
If it gets infected, or gets affected,
This causes sclerosis.
That means, they won't be able to
Send the signals properly.
These signals can affect;
Movements, cognitive thinking,
Slowed in speech,
Balance and coordination,
Like walking and doing some chores.
For some, changes in vision,
Becomes a problem too.
Not only that,
But stress and anxiety can be
A major factor/trigger too.
To make symptoms worse.
What MS really stands for.
It's Multiple Sclerosis.
It's Manageable, and Sustainable.
At some extent.

My life really has made a huge turn.
Being diagnosed with MS.
Being hospitalized.
Acquiring Covid 19.
Coughing day and night
for almost 2 months.
All the patients,
All the nurses and staff,
All the encounters,
All the experiences,
It is just within 2 months and a half.
But it changed 90% of my life.
I'm so blessed and thankful.

From today on,
Just have to live,
With a happy and grateful heart,
A cheerful and blessed spirit,
Life has been great and will always be.
Life is wonderful and will continue to be so.

Celebrate small progress and achievements.
They still matter.
It'll make you realize,
How close you already are,
To your greatest dream.
Just a little more,
Eventually, hardwork
will pay off.
And if you have surpassed that dream,
Just continue to set new long term goals.
As time passes,
Our goals adds up and changes.
Don't stop setting goals and dreaming.
It will still be worth it someday.

With MS or not,
Life goes on.
Just like the other days.
But gotta make some,
Little changes and amendments.
To make things work and livable.
So far, everything's going well.
For now.
Well, except my back pains.
But, all good.

Wonder where will my feet take me.
It's itching once again,
To go somewhere far.
A long walk, would be good.
And some food trip.
Maybe have some 12k steps this time.

Somewhere close to home.
But far from where I live.
Could you guess it?

See you on my next update!

Until then,
Stay humble, keep praying.
Stay safe from wherever you are.
It's difficult, but still.
Take good care of yourself always.
No matter where you go.
Always pray.
Stay hydrated too.

God Bless you and to all MS.
Which means,
My Supporters.


© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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