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Life Under Your Thumb

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So We Can Always See It

It is amazing how life finds a way

To slip away

Here it is we live it every day

We make every move

We see so many problems come and go

Yet have we learned ?

Working too hard and dreaming too much

I always thought we could never do both enough

As age has a way of reminding us plenty

When little movements become a struggle

Tiny setbacks become tougher to bounce back

When once we thought we had a handle

Not always right but not far from where we had to be

Shooting for that same direction

So certain of our own convictions

Not worried what other people think

Now as we take a step back

Like we have so many times in the past

To see our progress and our position

Almost like a bird watcher high in a tree

Finding a good vantage point

Not to disturb them on the ground

Watching them land and take off

Then even knowing ahead of time

Where they will land

Up with us in the tree

If something becomes a foul

They fly to a safe haven

Where I have been hiding

Only instead to learn

What we are missing

Now we move to a new spot

One we haven't thought of before

On a nearby hill

Out in the open

With binoculars in hand

We can see farther

Steady, steady

There are a few scouts checking things out

Now it looks safe

A few more birds have come to take a closer look

We stay still

Closely watching many birds hiding in the nearby trees

Even off into the low brush

As a few more become more daring

They walk closer to the bird feeder

They also like what they see

Pecking away and getting a quick taste

Where other birds are in for the long haul

They are not leaving until they top off their belly's

Like at a local gas station

Fill me up

I was on empty

That was not a good place

I don't know when the next time I will be able to eat again

Then it is if the wind changed direction

No person or thing has moved in

One bird takes off

The rest all follow

Soon the whole place is empty

Like a ghost town in the movies

So have I learned anything of value?

Birds know things we don't

They survive on instincts

If they are wrong once

It is the end of the line

See ya baby

Ta ta

There are many languages we learned to say good bye

Spanish, Italian and maybe French

Each of which I couldn't spell

Even with the help of Google Home

Giving up our old tried and true

For the best view