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Life Poetry - Refuse Is a Pliable Material

Linda J. Wolff, is a Pacific Northwest writer, poet and the editor of Wolff Poetry, a go-to literary journal.


Refuse is a Pliable Material

He walked into the classroom—
Littering the air with profanity,
dressed skin, attitudinal, and skeletal structure
darken hue, empty.

a skeletal twitch of anger
layers of slur, the negation of parents

But he's pliable.
His mask, his life, molded, structured of history,
a repeated series of a domino effect.

Refuse can be deemed worthy—
if a teacher is supple enough to
yield compassion and care with a fold,
and bend freely, without scarring,
the fragments that remain of youth.

Pointing to a wastepaper basket—
Teacher, soft-toned, says: obscenities are
obsolete in a contemplative classroom

Blank space filled eyes, he was stumped at her words.
Then she smiled.
Any human spirit is worthy of a bright future.

© 2018 Linda J Wolff

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