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Life Poems


Life is a gift we must all cherish forever. It teaches us great lessons. Life is something we must enjoy. Living is an extremely important experience. We bask in every moment whether good or bad. It is the fiber that binds us all together as human beings.

Today, I have written some poetry on the subject. Please, feel free to like or comment on my work in the section below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


Switching out the old with the new

Putting creativity to good use

Adapting to the unknown

Learning how to make it

out here on your own


We all have to face it

Challenge and prepare yourself

for the unexpected


If life could boogie

If life could boogie

It would know no end

And man would know no sin

Life would sing like whitney

And dream like Disney

To the tune of yes we can

Obama's presidential stance

If life could boogie

Peer Pressure

We use to be everything in brilliant harmony

Now our personalities clash with the fall

of destiny

We are unlikely enemies pressured to

the brink of collapse

Finding it hard to choose which road

to take in this path called life.

Teen-aged years defined

We stand alone

between us is a alabaster white

wall of hope

Peer Pressure

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