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Life On A See-Saw

Sometimes Up Sometimes Down

It was created long before we were around

Maybe to see a better view of the world

It was simple

If we take action

We move

If we stop

We need someone else to help make it go

We can go fast or slow

It is up to us

When we get tired we slow down

Contemplating are next move

Then there are times we can go non-stop

Without a care in the world

The exercise is good

We can ride it day or night

The weather may be bad

Where we have to dress warm

It may be light rain or even a downpour

The sun in our eyes

Later the sun setting in a distance

The weather may get so cold we can't feel our toes

It can snow and cover the world in white

The wind may blow against us

One day making it easy

Another day making it hard

Years from now we will grow old

Watching other children play

Once it was our see-saw

Now it is their turn to ride

We sit out and feel like we want to cry

For years we enjoyed so many good times

Laughing so hard

We could never have anticipated the joy it could bring

Even when times got tough

We rode again and again

We rode early in the morning when the sun wasn't even up

You could feel the dampness

As dew-covered everywhere

Now we are not sore or tired

We had a great run

We watch as the see-saw sits idle

Waiting till someone else hops on it again

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