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Life Moves Foward


Whether a bad or good day, the fact is everything still keeps going on around us.


No longer does the twinkle in my eyes shine,

Nothing is ok but trust me I will be fine,

No longer does love have the same feeling,

That's why I'm here stuck staring at the cieling,

Life passes by me in shades of years,

I've learned so much but nothing is clear,

Like a blinding fog while driving at night,

I have fought so much but is living worth the fight?

One day I will be found laying down dead,

Memories and regrets leave red stains on my bed,

The color red insinuates bloodshed has occurred,

Thank God for that because that's the way I prefer,

Destroying myself with all of these thoughts,

Always remember that happiness cannot be bought.

© 2018 Tommy Hall

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