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Life Lessons - Brenda Arledge’s 26th Prompt

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"Lesson" Per Brenda Arledge's Prompt

This poetic article is in response to Brenda Arlege’s 26th prompt, “lesson”. Brenda, a friend to all of us, has inspired us to try new things. This has given several people the inspiration to try new types of poetry.

Lessons have many different meanings, but the most obvious are the painful lessons we learn when we make bad choices. Taking lessons to play the piano or to learn a new language is another take on this prompt. I have focused more on those lessons we learn in life after bad decisions or making mistakes.


This is a simple sonnet about lessons learned in life if you choose to behave poorly or even if you make crazy mistakes. Gossip, cheating or lying seldom pays off. The results of good decisions will allow you to live a more peaceful life. Manatita encouraged me to try writing a sonnet, and he gave me instructions. This is my first attempt at writing a sonnet. I appreciate his encouragement, and I love his wonderful articles that make me feel like I am on a spiritual walk.

I ran so fast and I forgot my shoes

My dog fled fast out of the opened door

Falling on my face I sure had the blues

I learned my lesson, I sure don’t want more

Writing my notes in the palm of my hand

The test was hard but my plan was working

The teacher watched me gave me a command

Lesson learned, know the teacher was lurking

Growing up we have some lessons to learn

Telling lies, gossiping, cheating doesn’t pay

Trouble happens when, it’s a big concern

You’ll have no good friends if you betray

Maturity takes so many years of time

Grow up now while you are still in your prime

Acrostic Poem

Lessons we learn as we grow

Every action has a opposite reaction

Smile politely then you’ll surely know

Simple courtesies with an interaction

Others will notice as it will show

No going back, you’ll know satisfaction

Brantley Gilbert - Hard Days


Confused Boy

This poem is about a lonely lost and confused young boy. His parents are focused elsewhere. He copies what his friends do, but finally a coach pays attention to him. His life is miraculously changed as he learns life lessons.

Confused and sad the young boy

Wanting to be grounded

Floundering on the edges of life

Making mistakes

No guidance from his parents

Mimicking the the acts of friends

Crying when he is alone

Making mistakes

Working hard in school

Success is not guaranteed

Trying to learn life's lessons

Making mistakes

Attention from his coach

Feeling more successful

Finally lessons are learned

From ashes rising like the phoenix


James Taylor - Fire And Rain


© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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