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A God of Many Chances-A Response to Brenda's Word Prompt Week 51 "Chance"

Ruby is a freelance writer from the Philippines. She teaches communication courses and enjoys gardening and reading as her other pastimes.


Our God is a God of Many Chances

Our God is a God of many chances.

Many times, we have sinned, yet He has forgiven us,

Oftentimes we went on our own path

But then God forgave and forgives.

Sometimes we decide on our own, not minding Him

But still God is patient with us,

Indeed our God, is a God of many chances.

Our God is a God of many chances.

His grace extends from beginning to end

His mercy and pardon He offers to everyone,

His love knows no limits or boundaries

It reaches both rich and poor, and chooses no one

Young and old, short or tall,

Both the righteous and the wicked He calls each one.

Yes God truly, is a God of many chances.

He covers this earth with green that through them

We might get the chance to grin

Despite the challenges and circumstances we are in

Because, He's a God who wants us to win

Win the race, the battle of life so fierce and tough

No matter what, no matter when, He gives us a chance.

Oh God, indeed you are a God of many chances.

Each waking day is a chance you give each one,

Everyone who heeds your call to repent

To seek your face, your kingdom and

To hear your still small voice bidding,

"My child, today may be your one and only chance

Come to me, call me, take this chance, tomorrow may be too late."

© 2022 Ruby Campos

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