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Life Is Not Black And White

More Like Light Grey

Each day I want to make simple and easy

You could say hassle free

Now we know that is not going to happen

My wife and I had a tiff

It happens

We couldn't agree

She tried to talk

I tried to talk over her

Each time I made a point

She picked through me like a pitch fork goes through hay

I'd back off

She would charge

I would come back strong

She would listen and silently fume

We were getting no where fast

What I thought was clear and important

She could not see how I did not see it her way

Insisting I should be by her side

I said I am but not in the way you want me to be

I thought all these years you seen it my way

Were you just appeasing me

How could you ?

You know how much it means to me

Instead of putting out the fire with water

We through a little gasoline to make it burn higher

It bothers me we can't be civil

Your the one raising your voice

We don't want the neighbors to hear

We asked for her aunt to give us an objective opinion

She agreed with my wife

I had to state my case

Then I explained my position

I hit a wall of bricks

Our aunt was not giving in one inch

This matter had to be resolved

I said I was willing to give in

I will see how the both of you handle it

It's not my place to go against my wife

I have to drop my weapons of choice

Rethink could I be wrong

Am I too stubborn to see the truth ?

Have I been wrong all along ?

I need more time to think it through

What harm will it do ?

If I examine my actions and the results

Carefully observing

No time to feel hurt

Am I just misundersttod ?

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