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Life Is Never Really Over.

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Look around you at the seasons and see how they compare to your own life.

I have always loved taking a walk

in the sunshine in late October,

where scarlet, orange and yellow leaves

crunch and crackle beneath my feet

filling the air with the odors of Autumn.

Often I catch the scent of someone burning

these lovely remnants of summer.

a seasonal cremation with small fires

burning tributes in various yards

to the passing of one of the

most favorite times of the year

Sometimes I kick them in the air

as I did when I was young

watching them swirl and tumble

together over and over

like Summer's children still at play.

My father often bid me to rake them

into huge piles which far too often

as a young boy I would disassemble

after some long intense labor

by diving into their colorful mounds

and burying myself beneath them to

become completely hidden from

the memories of my Dad's own youth

mirrored in his aging eyes.

Eventually they were bagged

and disposed of much like my

Dad was in his 82nd Autumn

He lingered long enough to enjoy the

scent and the beauty of their partings

Just before he parted as well

It was just Mother Nature bringing a chill

to my soul over the long winter I spent

after he died and I realized then

that we are all just passing through time

like the leaves do until we too take

leaves of our own and are no more.

All of nature is born, lives,

dies and rejuvenates so why not us?

Why would our passing be any

different then the leaves

who leave tiny buds from where

they exit that bloom again.

I remember all my summer loves

that in the fall would perish

each lovely girl I met and wooed

and every moment we both cherished

But distance between two young hearts

when summer ends and they must part

brings distractions in two places

as the love they shared erases

all that was, into new girls and guys

whose newfound romance fills their eyes

as pen pal letters end with sighs

and summer love bids two goodbye.

It seems as if, when one love dies

between two, two more loves are born

between two, most all of the time.

All love mimics Nature's seasons

from each heart that bids it Spring,

into couples who enjoy its warmth,

through Summers offerings,

but soon it changes colors

limbs fall empty, cruel winds blow,

till heartstrings are hung like icicles,

formed from tears dripped long ago.

But there's hope in hibernation,

deep within all wounded souls,

Love's seeds must be firmly planted,

to find any chance to grow,

many will fall by the wayside,

finding no chance to succeed,

but love and summer are both patient

they'will bring back what you need.

Somewhere above my precious dad

found peace over what he once had

in paradise no one is sad

he’s earned that rest,

it makes me glad

and someday we’ll

both meet again

embracing as much wiser men

who know like leaves

we were meant to fall

beneath the chill of bitter death

as we both took our final breath

a process that comes to us all

when life ages, death comes to call

but far beyond the skies so blue

Our souls will fly and be renewed

amidst all those who left before

who wait for us on heavens shores

to live and love forevermore

There is great hope for all creation

Life here on Earth is a way station

chock full of joy and tribulations

till we each face our separations

undergoing transformations

and a brand new destination

to rejoin all your relations

it’s a circular equation

from a tunnel we are born

into the light and love so warm

taking our first precious breath

but when our last breath

welcomes death

We will plunge into the depth

of a tunnel in reverse

in a blessing not a curse

soaring to a light so bright

finding peace and much delight

when our loved ones

they come in sight

and welcome us to

where they’ve stayed

ever since they went away

oh, that will be a joyous day.

So live and love and play and laugh

and bounce grandbaby's on your lap

enjoy each day without a fear

of that one day when death draws near

all life around you makes it clear

that you will not just disappear

your soul eternal it lives on

long after your frail flesh is gone.

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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