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Embracing Little Things of Life


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.



On my walking route to the park where I am frequenting, I like stopping by the elementary school where both of our kids attended more than four decades ago. There I spend some moments enjoying the view of the new generation of future grownups in their carefree play, while that old adage may pop up in my mind saying:

"Youth is so wasted on the young ones".

Well, yes, they are too young to appreciate that energy, that freedom, that sense of security under the wing of providing parents.

Last week our son, now 51, expressed a rare desire to join us on our walk in that area, and then stood there with a long gaze, apparently overwhelmed by memories, while disclosing to us how he hadn't been at the site for some decades.

There was something of a solemn expression on his face, as if he was replaying in his mind those times of him running around and laughing in the game with his little friends.

I got something of the same experience two years ago, at our visit to our home town in Croatia. There I sat on a bench in the little park behind my ex-elementary school, almost choked up with flood of emotionally charged memories.

However, even though something like life happened to me ever since, with a deep joy I had to realize how so much of that youthfulness was still in me intact, just with some different contents picked up through years.

That made me grateful for the gift of this mind which from ever insisted on nurturing a high level of happiness and appreciation of life -- without taking any credit for it. I mean, it's not an "achievement" that took me some deliberate effort -- it was simply a result of being myself.

And then, arriving to my park here, I look around and realize why I keep seeking the refuge at that pristine place surrounded by trees, beside a river flowing peacefully, observing ducks and feeding squirrels.

Well, the ambient is resonating with something in my own nature -- away from busy streets, away from my TV that's depicting a world dipped into sweat, tears, and blood.

Thoughts like these gave birth to the next three rhymed pieces of prose, each inspired by a slightly different thoughts and feelings -- and yet, talking about the same wondering why it is so hard to so many people to just embrace life.

With Whom Will I Stay Young at Heart?

With whom will I stay young at heart

if all just keep growing older and frail

with all world trying to appear so smart

but somehow -- all that being of no avail.

For, only wisdom that's making sense

has to be adding to our capacity for joy

the rest is merely a smart-ass pretense

of being wise at those things that annoy.

Loneliness and boredom and love not returned

politics and climate and the higher price of gas

nothing about true happiness we ever learned

so that's how people qualify for a pathetic ass.

What words are left there to communicate

about some clownish joys of a liberation

if it's all about grudge, paranoia, hate

in each person and entire nation.

Then people bother God with their passive praying

for things which they themselves neglected to do

irresponsible life had its price they are paying

for all those things they managed to screw.

So, what's the deal about living this life

if it has all turned into a crappy routine

filled with their worry, anger, and strife

making of the world a pathetic scene.

With whom will I stay young at heart

everyone seems to rush to their end

it's getting really so hard to tell apart

a fake smile from a joy-sharing friend.

Because I say So

Life is filled with magic - because I say so

since I am insisting on making it that way

negative assessment I don't need to know

so it doesn't really matter what others say.

It's a personal journey on our chosen map

we are responsible for each step we make

all recipes for life are a brainwashing crap

the only rule being based on give and take.

Whatever we have it took us something to invest

we have to show our love to get love in return

life may end up mediocre as we aim for best

usually if at some point we refuse to learn.

Problems are issues we don't want to address

otherwise it's just another thing for us to do

that's how it all may turn into a big mess

when we don't follow intuition's cue.

This world is enchanting because I say so

since I alone choose what of it I'll ever see

and it doesn't matter where in life I may go

how I experience it will always be up to me.

Sunny side is just as real as the one in shade

and it doesn't take some dreamer to believe

but it always takes someone who's afraid

not to choose life they would rather live.

Sharing a Moment of This Springtime

Let me borrow your eyes

for yet another little rhyme

as I am coming in a disguise

of a poet for one too many time.

And let me borrow your heart

for maybe a brief moment if I may

so that you see this scribbling as art

while it's just one of my ways to idly play.

Is this spring doing to you

the same that is does to me

with skies so generously blue

reflecting soul endless and free.

The opiate aroma of gentle breeze

so welcome - after the winter so long

making allergic folks repeatedly sneeze

but in my heart sweet just like a love song.

Well, between chores and daily routine

I grabbed this moment to say "hi" to you

whoever you are, whether very old or teen

for sharing this spring mood between us two.

And now I give you back borrowed eyes

and heart, while just curious who you are

your loan has been generous and so nice

especially - if it could endure to last this far.

© 2021 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on April 23, 2021:

Peggy -- It's a gorgeous day, and inspirations are high. Thank you for sharing these moments of celebrating life, my friend. Every day is a mini celebration, but spring always gives it it's own touch.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 23, 2021:

Thanks for writing about the celebration of life, whether young or old.

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