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Life Is Like a Game of Tennis ~ a Poem

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John was born and raised in Australia. Subsequently, he is interested in all things Australian: language, sport and culture.

Life is like a tennis game. You can’t win without serving.

— Arthur Ashe

Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Rules Aren’t Meant to Be Broken

As I write this article, the Australian Open tennis tournament is underway. This year it started under controversy, as the Number One seed, Novak Djokovic had his passport cancelled and was deported from Australia for not being COVID vaccinated and not providing the correct information on his visa application. Djokovic was attempting to win a record ninth Australian Open and pass Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal in number of grand slam wins.

It is just a lesson showing that no one is above the rules of the game, or laws of the country they are in.

A love of sport is an intrinsic part of most cultures, but even those who don’t follow sport would have to admit their are life lessons that can be learnt from various sports whether it is through competing or just watching and observing the actions and behaviour of the athletes. This poem aims to portray that.


Tennis is mostly mental. You win or lose the match before you even go out there.

— Venus Williams

Life Is Like a Game of Tennis

Tennis is a mind game,

just play that extra ball.

Make your rival play to win,

don’t be an easy fall.

Champions don’t falter

when the going gets too tough.

Consistency wins matches -

they always do enough.

Be confident you’ll win the match

when it’s the best of five.

Even when you’re two sets down

your hopes are still alive.

Prize-money doesn’t matter

though it brings status and fame.

Commitment is important,

as is how you play the game.

Tennis is a lot like life -

We try to serve an ace.

If we lose a game to love

We must try to save face.

Get the first serve into court,

It’s harder to return.

But if the ball rockets back

it’s a lesson that you’ve learned.

Don’t argue with the umpire,

it never gets you far.

Play by the rules, be a good sport,

Then you’ll be a racquet star.

If you still have one more point to play, no matter what the score is, you still got a chance to make a difference in your favor.

— Victoria Azarenka


Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is a funny thing. If I am given a prompt or a topic, I find I can write about virtually anything. The part of writing I have the most trouble with is coming up with my own idea, or deciding what to actually write next.

Inspiration is all around us and can be sometimes found in the strangest places. Sometimes a prompt is there staring you in the face, but it isn’t what you see yourself writing so you just try to ignore it.

This week, I have written a couple of children’s stories for clients, but wanted to write something of my own choosing to share at HubPages. I am a true tennis fan so I have spent quite a few hours during this time watching the Australian Open and a couple of smaller tournaments leading up to it. While watching the tennis I decided to try to put pen to paper and write but, as you can realise, it was hard to concentrate on anything else.

Well, my muse said, “Why not write about tennis?” It is no good arguing with my muse, she always wins. Besides, it made perfect sense. So, I started writing this poem ‘Life Is Like a Game of Tennis.’ Thank you for reading.

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