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God On Your Seesaw

Ruby writes from the Philippines. She teaches communication subjects in HEI. She enjoys gardening, travelling, and learning new things.


Life Is Like

Life is like a rollercoaster ride,

it keeps you throwing here and there.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle,

you need to figure it out, to fit every single piece aright.

Life is like watching a rainbow,

you need to gaze at it, to color your boring life.

Life is like a turning wheel,

sometimes you're up, at times you're down.

Life is like a basketball game,

in order to score, you need to shoot the ball in the ring.

Like is like playing a musical instrument,

You need to strike the right note for it to be appreciated.

Life is like riding a rowboat,

to reach your destination, you need to keep paddling.

Life is like sitting on a seesaw,

you need to be sure that God, is always on your other side

for you not to fall down.

© 2022 Ruby Campos

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