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Life Is All About Experiencing Love

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With So Many Choices Pick the Right Ones

We can and do anything we want

In time our life is revealed to us

Like it or not

Good or bad

Pleasant or unpleasant

Isn't it time we try to understand ?

Life is so complex and complicated

How do we even begin ?

Where do we start ?

Lets try simply loving

Not making up rules to follow

Not beating us up for all our mistakes we have made

Just listen to the world around us

Connect with our body on every level

We have so many gifts we never see or learn to appreciate

When our thoughts our elsewhere

Where they go

I don't want to know

Where they can go

I am so interested

We can and do have the power

To focus on good thoughts every day

Many people will fight me with their last breath

To tell me this is not the way to live life

You have to do this and that

I stopped believing them

I am putting my foot down

I am usually easy going and will go with the flow

Maybe you are right and maybe I was wrong

I gave it a try

Again and again

I felt awful

Now it is time

I don't have to do anything I don't want

I am taking a stand

I am being who I am

A simple and kind man

Who loves waking up and enjoying every day

Finds all he can to make him happy

Surrounds himself with people who share their gifts with the world

It is not a give and take

Instead it is I give and how do I give more

So this is one of my many writings

Where you have followed me along

I have changed and grown in different directions

I feel good and continue to love life more than the day before

Think about what I am saying

You choose any direction you want

If you get tired and disgusted

If you get razzled and frazzled

You know where to find me

I am here to love and be loved

I found we always find a way to do the things we love

The things we enjoy

With that energy I move on with great passion

Blessing those who do the same

Off to discover something new

Something old

Something good

Something special

Have a wonderful day

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