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Life Is A Slippery Slope


One That We Must Manage And Sometimes Cope

With it's stale grey skies not blue

A cough or a touch of a cold

Caught me by surprise

I insist I don't get sick

I am just on pause

When I always want to feel great

Today's not the day

As I whisper quietly to my wife

So no one else can hear

I'm a little under the weather

Later I get worse instead of better

My wife also feeling blah

A sore nose from blowing our nose too much

Medicine every four hours

Head congested and hoping it's not a sinus infection

Sleeping as often as we can

Resting every chance we get

Where is my enthusiasm and power ?

Sucked out of my lungs

Like a vacuum easily and quickly

So fast with a flip of a switch

What happened ?

Can it be so ?

Our body brought to it's knees

Where mere bending makes us dizzy and light headed

Our thoughts once clear and precise

Now are jumbled and incomplete

Little desire to even enjoy

One of the greatest pleasures of life

When I sit down and eat

Even my teeth hurt when I chew

My bones achy and out of place

Work as we must

Becomes a task we carry on

Doing what we have done for so long

I begin to question everything

It must be the medicine

Playing tricks on my mind

No time to start to doubt

Even loud voices

Remind me of someone shouting

Aggrivated or irrated

Which is it ?

I still can't decide

Make up your mind

Make a choice

What's the use

I have lost my muse

I reach for my reading glasses

So unpleased

That I can't even see to read

Snuggled in a bathrobe

Pushed closed because I can't find my robe tie

I shoveled yesterday

Just barely moving the snow

For the longest time

My nose was all stuffy

All I wanted to do is breathe

My head held up

As if by a string

Where it use to bow low

I see where the sun shines a little across the neighbors house

I washed up some dirty dishes

That we piling up in the sink

A slight headache still

My eyes carefully adjusting to the bright kitchen light

My own face where whiskers grow

Seemed so foreign

Like a distant land

Jealous of my own cat Charlotte

Who lays comfortably

As I pat her

She tries to bite me lightly

To say I was so peaceful

Why did you come to disturb me ?

Moving around and turning her back towards me

I listen to my wind chimes ring

It's the wind

They weren't ringing earlier

Now they have stopped all of a sudden

Is it a coincidence ?

I don't think so

I think it's God giving me another reminder

How precious life is

I get up and get dressed

Move forward

A simple statement

That's all my mind can take right now

I will feel better

I believe it to be so


DREAM ON (author) on January 11, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee Finally we are back to our old selves again. We never missed a day of work. In our free time, all we did is take cold medicine and sleep. It is so nice to feel the energy back in our bodies. The weather turned really cold 19 degrees. The rest of the week is supposed to be more of the same. Very little snow this year. I am happy with that. I am so happy you got to share. One day at a time. The rest will recharge you to a better story and to a better way. Have a great day. Thank you for all your support.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on January 06, 2019:

It is that time when I would rather sleep than work. Our weather has turned cool and in a place where you expect warm it makes you feel drab and cold and all you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep. So I am working as much as I can and when I get sleepy then I lay down for a while again. I know once our temps rise again I will be up and about. Hope you both start feeling good again and the colds are a thing of the past.

DREAM ON (author) on January 06, 2019:

Jphn Hansen i love the good news.Is she home from the hospital? When I loved one is not feeling their best it throws a monkey wrench in the works. My whole life goes on hold. My wife gives me the time to write. So every writing is part me part her. Even though we are miles apart it is amazing how we can connect on many levels. Thank you for all your comments and support.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on January 06, 2019:

Dream On, just updating you on my wife condition. She is now well on the road to recovery though still a little week. Thank you for the thoughtful words.

DREAM ON (author) on January 06, 2019:

John Hansen When I hear about other people being sick I close my eyes and think for the next few minutes of a healing wish that I send to comfort and to mend. We don't yet know the power of our owns minds. I think in the future we will find out that we can help heal each other through the power of thought. So I keep practicing now and let medical science catch up to what I already believe. So this simple prayer of love and kindness and good health goes out to your wife. If we all took a little extra time thinking of others instead of ourselves what a better place life would be, Please let me know how she is doing? My wife and I are slowly feeling better. Each day we continue to take Mucinex maximum strength medicine it seems to help. I can breathe and my wife's cough has stopped. Boy I love the good feeling of being healthy. I will never take good health for granted, Sometimes my head is in a fog. All I can do is sleep like a bump on a log. Then when I come to my senses I try to write something nice. In my mind I pretend I have acres and acres of land. I am a farmer. A good day would be where I would be out in the field mending all my broken fences. Making today better than yesterday. Making sure my cattle didn't get away. I grew up watching Bonanza a t.v. program that i enjoyed so much. No matter what problem they had they solved it by the end of the show, That's my plan also. Thirty minutes later I am healed. Well in real life it takes a little longer. (lol). Thank you for reading and sharing. Happy New Year and may 2019 be everything you could ever want.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on January 04, 2019:

Yes, DreamOn, I have had days like that when I feel so sick and lacking energy or motivation but we have to carry on knowing it won't last forever. My wife in fact was just in hospital with severe flu and asthma....that was a little scary but she is improving. This was well-written, thank you for sharing despite feeling unwell.

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