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Life Is a Slam Dunk


We Work So Hard

Finding ways to make our life enjoyable and fun

Sometimes we lose sight of what we really have begun

The sun comes up and off we go

To our different jobs

Making our work our life is not uncommon

Spending time away from the people we truly love

In our minds our dreams whirl

If they ever come into be

Time will tell

We make a family

Need a place to live

Run in to day to day problems and situations

That constantly require our attention

At the end of the day

We try to be pleased what we have accomplished

I think we should take a different approach

Start out like a basketball game

With the best shot in the basket

With even two baskets in a row

Now we have a nice lead

We have the confidence

That another basket is just seconds away

We are on a roll

There is no pressure

Just our natural talent presenting itself

However the game turns out

We know we have played a good game

There will be many more games to play

Every day is one more game

Which I am very excited and looking forward to

I let my enthusiasm get the best of me

As I fill my head with all the surprises I have yet to see

Thinking I am starting out with happy and where it will lead


DREAM ON (author) on January 23, 2018:

lunaticdiaries The fun in life is all around us. If we only see the sad and unhappy we forget all the good that makes our days special. If we experience the joy we can understand the pain and the sorrow. Working through the tough times to go back to the special feelings that give us the happiness we deserve. Thank you for all your comments. it was great to see you with your family. Keep writing and sharing.

DREAM ON (author) on January 23, 2018:

Gypsy Rose Lee Juggling your day to fit with your own schedule is so important. Giving yourself time to collect your thoughts and refocus. Finding the joys that keep you satisfied and craving for more. Life doesn't have to be a day to day struggle. It can be everything you hoped for and more. Thank you for you wonderful comments and sharing your highs and lows. Don't be so hard on yourself and take the time you need to feel better.

DREAM ON (author) on January 22, 2018:

Kari Poulsen To often in the past we beat ourselves up with all we couldn't do. Things we tried and didn't work out the way we planned. These memories continue to haunt us until we change our habits. By focusing on the good all I can see is more good. I think in time we get momentum and steam to all our future projects and endeavors. I wonder how many children are too hard on themselves. How their views and opinions affect their progress going forward. Thank you so much for your comments and your friendship. Have a relaxing afternoon.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on January 22, 2018:

Lately, it seems that the winter scene outside has tired me. I find I can only do that which interests me so for now I have abandoned any kind of house cleaning and work on my PC.

lunaticdiaries on January 21, 2018:

DreamOn you are right, we should all start off with one or two baskets counted on the scoreboard. It helps us with the confidence to take a 3 pointer if we want to. Sometimes the shots we miss stay with us & effect the way we take our next shots.

Kari Poulsen from Ohio on January 21, 2018:

This is a lovely way to look at each day. I agree, it is better to look back on what you accomplished instead of what you didn't.

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