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Life Is a Slam Dunk

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We Work So Hard

Finding ways to make our life enjoyable and fun

Sometimes we lose sight of what we really have begun

The sun comes up and off we go

To our different jobs

Making our work our life is not uncommon

Spending time away from the people we truly love

In our minds our dreams whirl

If they ever come into be

Time will tell

We make a family

Need a place to live

Run in to day to day problems and situations

That constantly require our attention

At the end of the day

We try to be pleased what we have accomplished

I think we should take a different approach

Start out like a basketball game

With the best shot in the basket

With even two baskets in a row

Now we have a nice lead

We have the confidence

That another basket is just seconds away

We are on a roll

There is no pressure

Just our natural talent presenting itself

However the game turns out

We know we have played a good game

There will be many more games to play

Every day is one more game

Which I am very excited and looking forward to

I let my enthusiasm get the best of me

As I fill my head with all the surprises I have yet to see

Thinking I am starting out with happy and where it will lead

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