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Life in My Hands

I don’t understand saying you don’t care
How can they when they hear a soft piano
She asked the name of the sounds I found
Veronica was hers, I said now you know

I try not to imagine things just to be happy
It’s hard but it’s also a way to know myself
I think about what might happen tomorrow
I know I’ll do what I have to do, what else?

I want to go to what I can’t explain to anyone
I decided long ago there’s someone up there
Nobody walks me down the sanctuary aisle
I dream instead of Calvary to see who cares

I left wondering if the cross was still there
I was unable to talk about how I was made
Small talk at a party is harder than praying
Is it that God loves what makes us afraid?

People fight about how we should die
I don’t want to talk about that anymore
I’m sure it will work itself out somehow
I just want to find Veronica like before

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