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Life Dear Life

I am an Eye Consultant. I have gone through lots of ups and downs in my life; but I have always come out as a winner because I am courageous

Almighty God's Blessings .....


Life Dear Life

Life Dear Life, come to my home dear life,

Pay a visit to my home and do not go dear Life.

No need to knock, no need to sound the door-bell.

There are no doors in my home, nor are there any walls.

There is no roof in my home dear life,

God has spread a veil that serves as a roof dear life.

My home’s address is easy to locate and find,

Upon my home everywhere is written “Love” you will find.

Upon your arrival give a fresh lease of life to the ill,

Banish all illness, pain, and sufferings of the ill,

Majestic Life and Almighty God's Blessings


Wellness .....


Reflection on life

Anoint all ill persons with God’s Blessings dear life,

Bring us in my home, wellness and cheer dear life.

Dear life spread in my home God’s Blessings and cheerfulness.

Bring us in our home, life, love, happiness and wellness,

My home is spread over all the earth’s surface dear life,

God has spread loving veil as roof all over my home dear life.

Bring in my home God’s Blessings, health, wealth, and happiness,

With your arrival remove all sickness and grant us long life and happiness.

Life dear life, come to my home dear life

Pay a visit to my home and do not go dear life.

Road to my home


© 2021 Dr Kulsum Mehmood