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Life Can Change Any Second

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Our Life Is Beyond Our Control

The sun was out after three days of heavy rain

We started off the morning just snuggling together

My wife had the day off

Then we did a few errands that had to be done

My wife and I had lunch with a friend

The food was delicious

We shopped a little at the dollar store

Buying a few odds and ends

Then home bound

Little did we know what was about to happen next

Unexpectedly, our car got hit

We got hit in the back quarter panel

There were no serious injuries

The other car had less damage than ours

We were at an intersection

It all happened so fast

We needed to have our car towed

With no cell phone service

The nearest store is miles down the road

The police made a few calls for us

We tried to call neighbors

My wife's phone was used for the g.p.s

Soon it died

So we could get no contacts she had

My phone had old neighbor's numbers

That have since been changed

I tried reaching a cab

There was a two to three hour wait

We don't have an Uber App.

The police couldn't take us in his car

He has a canine in the car

My wife tried another number

We reached a neighbor at last

Did I tell you

The firemen came first

We were o.k.

We had to sign a paper we refused treatment

We could still be in shock

If after or tomorrow either of us have any extreme pain or vision loss

Go to the doctors

We went home and realized how lucky we both are

Accidents happen every day

Today we took part in one

It could have been really bad

Instead we got out without too much trouble

We can't say the same thing for our car

It might be totaled

The tow truck took our car the police yard

If we call a tow company we will not get reimbursed for the tow

If the police do it, the insurance company pays for it

Tomorrow we have to see about a rental

It is a good thing

We have it as part of our insurance policy

It was so nice to see our neighbor pull up

Once again on our way home

There is nothing like home sweet home

Even though we had our share of problems

It turned out to be a beautiful day after all

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