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Lies, the Worst of All Shames


There is no more pitiful trait, than that of those who lie,

A bane on humanity, such a burden, until we may die.

All falsehoods change good to bad, with no reciprocity,

The worst of all human kind, causes harm, forever to be.

The face of each one who lies, uglier, no where is found,

Appears as the rear on loathsome pigs, ugly, to abound.

Terrible wrongs, all day long, by all died-in-the-wool liars,

Creates a worrisome atmosphere, as each one conspires.

We all might as well be so looking, at the back of their head,

These rotten scoundrels, each one, to be lined up in a row.

What they may say, is not what they do, all being so mislead,

The real truth, tucked away in toilets, only for them to know!

No matter their ranks, or purposes, an act, as evil as it gets,

Misspoken, as each report defames, all to mislead or distort,

There's no recompense, forgiveness, put away wins, all bets,

As those who support, to join in, must forget, despite regrets.

No institution or document, is ever built upon lies, all of deceit,

The truthful presentation of each, a treasure and all complete.

That's why respectable leaders are picked, the rest to be let go,

Intelligent minds can differentiate, knows real, or what's a show.


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