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Lies Like This

3 for 3 working with new artists and our jam going top 5 on pop billboard chart

Deep State


Lies so you'll love me more

A history of broken trust

I try to cover up

So you don't know

Pretending like I'll go slow

Pretending to be a faultless hero

Like Pinocchio my nose would grow

I'll say anything so I don't end up alone

Lies like this date won't make me broke

Lies like I feel jomo

Secretly my self esteem is a hoax

With displaced rage like a jingo

Like like that ain't a quote

Lies like you can check my phone

As if I would talk in code

Or let the truth be known

Lies like I didn't delete that post

Lies like it's my 1st chance blown

All hidden to prevent my roast

Secrets like samurai rowan

Lies that plague me like locust

Lies that cause me to implode

I can keep it up if I don't lose focus

I cant keep it up or I'll explode

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