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Lies Can Be Good

The author wants to have a great way of living life to its fullest and be a good person in general.


Lies can be good

He is a good person

But he lies,

Not to his parents,

not to his friends,

or strangers,

But to himself

That he is fine,

He is not,

He desires a cheerful bike ride,

walk together with his parents holding their hands,

But pretending and lying to himself helps

It gives him strength

wisdom to have a solution to his problems,

He doesn't want his father

to have sleepless nights 'Just like him'

Nor want his mother to worry about paying his medication bills just like him,

His subconscious mind is playing tricks,

He was told lying is not good

And it's not,

If anything he just wants a peaceful

and still mindset,

He lies,

to himself but is brave

to go through it alone,

he is just a sweet soul,

doing through a tough phase in life.

Let me know your opinion.


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