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Since the moment I held a pencil I've been creating with drawings and words. I believe paintings enlighten and poems entice our thoughts.

The Library


The Library

Stacks of paper-filled squared boxes

Lined up and down in all sizes

Contours of scattered thoughts

Sit on many shelves

Truth or tale

Filled-up pages upon pages

Spice of old

Scents of new

Symmetrical runner rows

A maze of continuous trails

Walk among the living and the dead

Who took the time to write these books?

Pleasures to horror

Peace to war

Engulfing the tides of turmoil

Surging into the soul

Beyond spite writers venture to other worlds

Using pictures, words, and phrases

To entice audiences

Young and Old

There they stand smugly stout

Books of all sizes

Waiting for a patron to share

Their thoughts, stories, and poems

While dogs sit outside

Lapping up their time in the sun

People walk the long rows of books

To hand pick the ripe one

One with the right scent

That escapes them as they leave

To another place in time

A place only they and the writer can share.

Little Neighborhood Libraries


© 2020 Mary Borges

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