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If we are to judge
Who will we do I to first?
The people we know best
And who are you to know?
But what about the rest
It happens quite often
We put people at test
And truly, it works
We realize a lot
And it feels like going abroad
But it's not
We have to stop
We ain't all the same people when we are being taught
Our minds get differently caught
We are all we got
Since we create our own plot
Procrastination will cost us a lot
And give it all your best
Because you're not the only guest
Mother Earth has got different spots in the nest


We crave more
The energies around us we want to explore
Share and receive
Nobody would want to be deceived
How do we know that
How could we possibly know
what the future holds
If you were to be born a criminal or a drunk
Or is our mantra our behold
On the doorstep, we stay
And we hold our hands
Ourselves is what we have
To be one
To be poles apart
Pure at heart
Different is art


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