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Letting You Go

She is a writer who wants to influence the readers through her soulful writings.


I never thought that this day would ever come,

Nor expected to make this hardest decision of mine,
I have not made myself ready for choosing in between,
But there’s nothing left to do but to accept what had happened.

My heart was broken and had fallen into pieces,
Which no one could pick up and turn it back to its places,
My life was shattered, and no clues where to get started,
Felt like I was alone in the dark seeking for some light which cannot be found.

I am used to smile and be happy when I’m with you,
This felt like in this world it’s only me and you,
I am used to walk on rough roads with you by my side,
But now I have to face it all alone and try to be strong.

My mind was like a paper full of scribbled letters,
With no room for happiness only sadness can fit in,
My soul was like being hurt by billion poisonous thorns,
That makes me feel my pain thousand times even more.

I don’t want to lose you because I love you,
But for many good reasons this is the best thing to do,
I want you to be able to pursue your dreams and aspirations,
So I’m now letting you go, even if it hurts my soul.

My whole being was unhappy for the decision I have chosen,
But I have to be firm and be willing to endure the pain,
My eyes could do nothing except crying all over again,
But at least it can help me to ease the pain within.

I believe that everything which had happened to us has its purpose,
That God has let those happenings give us lessons to become matured,
I know someday our roads might cross again,
And this I promise you, my love for you will still be the same.

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